Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Big Bye.

A lovely snow in Detroit to send us on our way or try to hinder us.  Amazingly, our plane was not deterred (nor the pilot), and off we went after a 2 hour deicing!  Here I am with my little sister, Leah.
 Mom, Dad, Zach, Leah, and myself right before we go through security.  Daddy got us to the airport with plenty of time to spare!  It took us over 5 hours in the weather...going 45 down the interstate!
Zach asked me what I'd miss about Leah tonight as we reflected about our time in the States.  What is there not to miss in this beautiful face? She's so delightful in so many ways.  From making trips to the bathroom in the airport to going to Arby's for curly fries, she giggles at the simple prospects in life and reminds you all along that you are loved, one of her favorite people, so happy to be with you.  Oh, Leah, I'll miss just about everything that makes you, you! 
 So many happy moments over tea, talking at breakfast with mom this time around.  Leaving with little baby in my womb making the tears flow freely (I never had an excuse before) made this time a hard one!  Everyone changes so much when I'm gone.  If they'd all just fall asleep for a couple of years like in Sleeping Beauty, that would be nice.  On the other hand, as they change and I change, we have a more dynamic time returning and rediscovering how God's working in each other's lives.  Reminds us this earth is not our forever home, but that we're getting closer to it...where we never have to say goodbye, in a place of divine beauty with the One we treasure for eternity!

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