Monday, October 28, 2019

He's On Leave

I, Christy, called around to the potential interested trainers, and, hearing my dear friend, Chris, on the other line said, "I'm so glad you are interested in being part of training others!  What about your job?"  "I'm on leave," he informed me happily.  Isn't that just like God?  You see, out of all the trainers coming tomorrow for the two day workshop where we will prepare ourselves to go and train others, Chris is the only one who has actually been through this training before, more than once.  He is the one who sat with me three years ago, praying for teachers to come join us in teaching the children of our small Bible study on Thursday nights as we saw the numbers growing quickly. 

This is an answer to prayer.  God is bringing together a team, with many competent people.  There are now eight people planning to attend tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

I'm writing to ask for prayer.  I'm up too late, still preparing.  I'm a bit jetlagged. We still don't have a schedule for when we will be doing trainings and where starting November 9th.  However, God isn't on leave, uncle Chris is, what a great combination!  Please pray for me as I train these that God has brought, helping us to become a strong team.  Pray for the teachers that we will be joining hands with later, and pray for the children who will hear the story of Jesus and choose to follow him.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

In the Airport

After three months in the United States, we are returning to Nigeria.  We sit in the Chicago airport, munching on tangarines and fritos.  We did a midnight stop at Walmart to buy Klondyk bars (well, I was actually supposed to be buying locks for our suitcases, but managed to cover the full expanse of the shopping center from hardware to ice cream novelties). 

Joy with family

There is lots to recount that God has done to show us his love, but for the sake of boarding in a timely manner and consuming all the fritos possible, I will just tell you some prayers for the next few weeks.

  • That our girls will sleep on the flight. 
  • That they will sense the security and peace that we have in Christ. 
  • That our babies inside will remain healthy and inside for the next six weeks we're in Nigeria. 
  • That the training for Sunday school teachers will be effective and God will bring together the training team! 
  • That we will have direction about what to do with our house while we travel back to the United States for six months starting in early December. 
  • That Zach will have meaningful connections with colleagues and be able to offer support and encouragement to leaders on the Scripture engagement team.  
  • That our relationship with our Father will deepen as we depend on him and see him transforming lives through his word. 
    A house!

Here are some things we're thankful for as we reflect in the airport and "sit on our suitcases", a suggestion from a missionary friend:
  • We thank God for letting us come here to the United States - Mariama
  • My highlight was that we got to play with Remi (my cousin).  - Mariama
  • Thankful for letting us go back to Nigeria.- Mariama
  • That we had a house we could retreat intogether as a family for a couple of weeks. - Zach
  • Walks with mom, late night games and chats with Phen (younger brother). -Zach
  • We're thankful for our news that we're having twins. -Mariama
  • Our children got to spend time with their aunties and uncles. -Christy 
  • That we get to go on an airplane again. -Mariama
  • That we have a house in Michigan to move into in December. -Christy 
  • For lots of good advice as we plan for our return to the United States. -Zach
  • For competent, faithful people in Nigeria who could take care of the many needs that arose in our absence from our home in Nigeria. -Christy 
  • For his peace as plans have been changing regarding our future and return to the US. -Christy 
  • For so many people who have lavished us with love. -Christy 
  • For seeing my grandmother and dear friends in NY. -Christy 
  • For the GEMS in my home church who sent a lot of gifts for girls in Nigeria. -Christy 
  • And many other sweet connections with those we love! -Christy 
  • Our trip Chicago with my mom...many meaningful and necessary conversations. -Christy

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