Monday, September 18, 2017

10 States. 9 weeks.

We've landed at last! Most birds find themselves heading South as the cold winds start to blow.  Well, as Hurrican Irma made her way to Florida, we decided we would make our way OUT of Florida.  Hence began an unexpected road trip to Michigan.  Here are some highlights along the way.

SIFAT - I spent 3 years at Servants in Faith and Technology (SIFAT) with my family from '96-'99. I attended the local public high school and worked on campus during the summers and also when tour groups came through.  My desire to be in missions was fanned into flame as I sat under the mentorship of Sarah and Ken Corson (SIFAT founders), and developed a holistic perspective of missions.  Well, SIFAT did it again, as I was inspired by being with loved ones who spur me on to love Jesus in practical ways!

They've built a Nigerian house in the global village! It was built by a graduate of SIFAT who has actually helped us with a project in Jos as well!

Sarah Corson's stories and love for others have inspired me throughout the years.
God has established this beautiful family in a homestead near SIFAT to partner with them in ministry through appropriate technology, which they use on a daily basis!

College Friends - Zach and I have dear friends we rarely get to see, and as we headed North, we passed through Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.  Spending at least one night in each of these states.  One friend Zach hadn't seen for 12 years.  It always surprises us how these sweet friendships, refreshed by the common bond in Christ, continue to build us up, even in this new season of life.

Mariama made new friends with the children of our dear old friends!

Didn't get a picture with my college friend, here, but with her dear mama who ministered to us while we were visiting.
So beautiful to hear testimonies of God's faithfulness through the years from these precious souls.

Sharpeners - You know those who give you a good, spunky kick in the right direction through their very passion for Christ?  Well, we saw some of those folks too.  Sharpeners, I'll call leave them ready to pierce the darkness.

His passionate reading of a well-known verse made tears spring to my eyes, as God's word spoke afresh. They knew me at 14, and have loved me well. They were youth leaders then, and today we can share a common passion for reaching the world for Christ.
From ministry in the prisons to the pulpit this couple inspired us!

With all those miles and all those connections behind us, we are now here, in Holland, MI for a couple of weeks.  God gave a great, spontaneous gift through a couple in the church who have offered us their beautiful home to stay in for 2 weeks before we head to Terre Haute, IN.  Thank you Irma for blowing us north via our little rental car, and thank you, God, for having good plans in 10 states these last 9 weeks. You, Oh God, have once again surprised us with your love and better plans.

Our happy traveler.  Praise God for her resiliency.

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