Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Collaboration, vulnerabity and trust

From Tuesday through Thursday, leaders of 24 Bible Translation organizations have gathered to discuss how we can work together more intentionally in Nigeria.  I am already seeing answers to prayer in the first morning of these meetings!  We have a collective expression of what we are expecting (or hoping for) and I agree with that: Effective collaboration with a purpose, increasing vulnerability and trust, waiting on and hearing from the Lord and each other, and possibly some very practical organizational bits at the end. Please pray for God to do as he pleases among us!

We are all pleased by how open the conversation has been!


Thursday, January 11, 2024

Becoming: A Chrysalis Journey


Daso and Mariama 2018.

A Space to Become…

That’s what we hope to provide in the retreat this weekend, the 13th-14th of January. We have named it “Becoming: A Chrysalis Journey.” A long time ago, like when this above picture of Mariama and Daso was taken, the second cohort of the “Beautiful Me Program” was underway. It included Daso and me as participants! She was 11. Now she’s 18.  Beautiful Me was started because I saw young girls becoming big girls without having women to support them.  Who better to support them than the women God had given them, their moms (or aunts or older sisters)? So it began. We spent three hours together once a month. It was such a meaningful time together every single time.


The Second Cohort- We learned about guarding our eyes.

A bonding activity putting on eye make up during Beautiful Me 2017

This weekend, we will have a reunion retreat of both of the cohorts from 2016 and 2017. Mothers and their now adult daughters will be coming for a time of renewal.

I know there is a lot that has happened in these last 5-7 years, and we are praying for restoration, healing, and freedom found in the embrace of Christ.

God has brought together an amazing team of small group leaders, counselors, worship leaders, and a dynamic speaker.

Will you be a prayer partner for one of our mother/daughter pairs? 

If yes, please reply to this email and make the subject: Yes, I'll pray! I'll send you their names and some prayer requests.

If you don’t have time to do that, please pray for the retreat now.

Pray that they will know "how wide, how long, how high, and how deep the love of God is." Eph 3:18

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! 


Yoder Family 2022


Go Away!

T here were children. Always so many children. Our children are a magnet for other children and so everywhere we go, they follow us giggling...