Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Yoder Wedding!

With ten children, three spouses, and one grandchild, our “family day”  7-mile bike ride to the park  was a truly celebratory occasion the Thursday before the wedding!   With braids, culottes, grey “Yoder” shirts, a buggy for the grandbaby, and a couple of tandems flying down the road we were a sight to behold.  We played tag on the playground, raced around the obstacle course, cut a 30-pound watermelon with a one and a half inch blade, and sat in a happy circle wagging carrots between our teeth in hopes the 11 month old grandbaby would pick up on this strange behavior, giving us all a good laugh.  He obliged, we roared with laughter.  With a group this joyful, entertainment is easy to come by.

The day of was a flurry of activity as suit coats, a wedding dress, forgotten decorations, and hair supplies were bustled out the door.  I stayed behind to make a huge salad for the 24 person wedding party (you don’t want to leave anyone out) and to bring anything anyone might have forgotten at the house.  It was fun to have my own part in the joyous day.

The wedding ceremony itself was short yet meaningful, and the highlight of the reception was watching the Yoder sisters singing “You’ve got a friend in me” adapted for the occasion.  We cheered the new couple, Wesley and Katrina McCullough out in a cloud of rainbow bubbles.  

picture coming...

A Graduate in the Family

Finally, we have our first Masters degree holder in our family of two!  Yeah! 
Zach walked on June 6th, having successfully defended his thesis on June 4th, 2014. 
We thank God for how he opened doors, and made it possible for Zach to make this step! 

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