Thursday, March 10, 2016


8 years ago, Zach and the survey team came to this village see if the Kamuku language needed a Bible translation.  Today, they have our colleagues living there, doing Bible translation with a dynamic team of Nigerians.  This is the exact location where the team took a picture.  Four of the 5 people in this picture were not "in the picture" at that time!

Mariama has a new friend, Daniel!  There was such freedom in the village for Mari to sit outside, clothed or otherwise and enjoy the dry, warm heat of the village.
We spent three days doing Scripture testing with the translators.  "Come and sit with us, and I'll help you shell the seeds,"  I said to some women sitting under a tree preparing food for their family.  They came, we shelled, we listened, and they gave great contributions to help the translators make their translation more understandable to the readers.

When we returned to the house after dark, we sat around on their new porch and enjoyed talking about our day.  Our colleagues moved into this house the same day we came to visit!  Now, that is hospitality! 

Mariama joined us doing Scripture testing at a women's meeting in a rural village.  (All the villages were rural, and the people warm and inviting.)

She was often handed around.

The four of us (Daso had to stay in Jos for school) returned to Jos overflowing after a week of Scripture testing and doing Scripture listening groups.  So wonderful to see what's happening with our colleagues in their village allocations. We now have a greater understanding of how we, as a Scripture Engagement Team can serve these communities. The story is unfolding, as is the Word of God in these communities.  What will it look like 8 years from now? A full New Testament being used in churches to transform communities? God holds the story in his hands.

Collaboration, vulnerabity and trust

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