Saturday, November 13, 2021

Every Breath

 "We lost our baby girl," the text came just as I arrived at the hospital to meet a friend and colleague who's baby had come at 23 weeks.  They were already on their way home. I arrived at the home to see baby girl still gasping for breaths occasionally.  Not yet home with Jesus.  These are my words to her in those moments.  

Baby Girl holding on to life

Thank you for coming, for your fight. 

16 hours in this dark world before you saw the light.

Thank you for staying, sweet, fragile girl. 

For fighting so hard in this broken world. 

Each breath of yours, made me stand amazed, 

How easily it comes to me all my days. 

I wondered, with your eyes closed if you were seeing him, 

Taking baby steps into his arms, seeing his proud grin. 

Still hearing us, tell your story again and again, 

How you were going home to see your twin. 

How every hospital said they were at capacity, 

How you had held on with such tenacity. 

You never cried, were calm and still, 

But you did cause a stir as any baby will. 

Your body was growing cold, though bundled tight, 

Your daddy put you to his skin, it just seemed right, 

And you made your first whimpering sound, his tears flowed,

The most beautiful gift, in our hearts forever stowed. 

I dropped my milk into your mouth, your small lips respond, 

After 20 minutes and a few more sweet sounds, you'd gone beyond. 

Beyond our reach, beyond our touch, 

beyond the pain, never beyond our love.

Your mommy and daddy will miss you, 

The unfulfilled dreams, longing to kiss you.

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