Friday, November 1, 2019

Pray for director nominations

 "At your table groups, thank God for what he has done through us in this past year."  Tom, our director in Nigeria, is an introvert.  Quiet, calm, and humbly following God, he has led our group in Nigeria through some difficult decisions over the last four years.   A couple of times a year, like yesterday, he gets in front of the whole group and excitedly shares about what God has been doing through us.   As we reflected yesterday on what God has been doing not only in Nigeria, but throughout Africa, I was deeply encouraged.
About a year from now, Tom is planning to hand over the leadership of our organization.  Who will pick up this role?  A special committee was formed including me, to guide the process of inviting people to consider applying for the role.    Over the next two weeks, the people who were nominated will be asked to prayerfully consider letting their names stand.  Can you please pray along with them in this decision? 
Although each of the people is well qualified in different ways, each of them could only do this job with the Lord's strength.  Please pray that several individuals will allow their names to stand.  Last time we did this process, in the end, only Tom allowed his name to stand!  He has been a great leader, but as part of a committee helping guide the process, we would prefer that God give us more names.

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