Sunday, September 18, 2016

A New Experience

There's the water, here I go...
I have always loved getting new experience.  I feel a bit like Mariama on this one, though...

Oh, boy, that's a lot of water.
 Tomorrow, Monday, I will be meeting with facilitators to prepare a training event for some members of the Irigwe community.  The participants will be learning how to do audio Bible studies.  I have given a lot of audio Scriptures away in this market women and friends, and now I get to help prepare those Scriptures to be used effectively.

However, with Daso's return today (Sunday), school starting tomorrow for her, a few extra mouths to feed for visiting participants in a different workshop, Daso's mommy being here who I really want to take time with, Mariama changing and growing all the time (becoming more mobile), and Zach in a two week training, I feel like the water is rising and maybe I'm just not up to the task of riding the waves.

I know the facts: my God is as omnipotent as ever, he equips us for what he sends us to do, and he WILL accomplish his WILL for the Irigwe community.  So, please pray that I will have faith in my big God, and that I will help the facilitators to work well together that God's Word might go forth in power.


"You knit me together in my mother's womb, I am beautifully and wonderfully made!"  The mothers and daughters sang out together in our final meeting on Saturday.  Many of you have prayed with us as we've walked with these young women and their mothers over the past year.  It has been strengthening,  encouraging, challenging, and rewarding at the same time.  We realize we have a lot of work to do to make this "Beautiful Me" program everything it can be, but we also realize that God is doing things we cannot see in the lives of these young women.

They made certificates that stated:
I want to be a ____________________ woman.  So, I will...

Each girl and each mother were presented with their certificate and we exclaimed "You are a beautiful woman!"

It was exciting to hear them talking concretely about how they can be the woman God wants them to be.

Please pray for these girls as they continue this journey with their mother's.  We pray they will continue in relationship with us as well.

Please pray for the next group of eleven girls (ages 10-12) who will begin the "Beautiful Me" program with their mothers on Saturday, October 29th.   A number of the new girls don't have mothers in their lives, so please pray that we find women who will walk along side them faithfully as they, too, develop into the women God wants them to be.

She's Back!

Daso has returned to be with us for another school year. We are so excited to see her!  This beautiful bike is her coming home gift. Please pray for all of us as we begin this transition again.  Please also pray for her mommy who will be with us this week as well.  Pray for good connection with her, and that she will feel loved and heard and encouraged while with us.
Mariama is so happy to see her sister!

Daso's smile is contagious! What a joy she is.

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