Sunday, September 18, 2016

A New Experience

There's the water, here I go...
I have always loved getting new experience.  I feel a bit like Mariama on this one, though...

Oh, boy, that's a lot of water.
 Tomorrow, Monday, I will be meeting with facilitators to prepare a training event for some members of the Irigwe community.  The participants will be learning how to do audio Bible studies.  I have given a lot of audio Scriptures away in this market women and friends, and now I get to help prepare those Scriptures to be used effectively.

However, with Daso's return today (Sunday), school starting tomorrow for her, a few extra mouths to feed for visiting participants in a different workshop, Daso's mommy being here who I really want to take time with, Mariama changing and growing all the time (becoming more mobile), and Zach in a two week training, I feel like the water is rising and maybe I'm just not up to the task of riding the waves.

I know the facts: my God is as omnipotent as ever, he equips us for what he sends us to do, and he WILL accomplish his WILL for the Irigwe community.  So, please pray that I will have faith in my big God, and that I will help the facilitators to work well together that God's Word might go forth in power.

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