Thursday, June 29, 2023

"We will take all the lessons."

After traveling for 2 days straight, I arrived from Cameroon at 2:20pm.  Something was happening I just didn't want to miss!

I arrived at the office at 2:30 to see the end of the first day of a training for a group of individuals from six different languages who will go and train others to teach children using their language. I had wanted to come back for the first day to help facilitate, but there were no flights into Jos on a Wednesday.

I walked in on a session about how to learn a Bible story, and was overcome by emotions and gratitude.  The three individuals that I trained to do this training were engaging, fun, and professional.  They had rapport with the participants, and mastery of the materials.  

 In the evening I called one of them to tell me what they wanted me to do today, and she said, "We will take all the lessons." I was both disappointed and thrilled at the same time.  This is what I've been praying for!  I love teaching the curriculum "Lessons from Luke."  It's dynamic and encouraging to see people empowered to engage children in Scripture.  On the other hand, as humbling as it is to say, listening to them in the other room right now, they are in many ways better equipped than I am to do it!

So please pray for them as they continue to train others!  Please pray that they will continue to have creativity, strength, and inspiration. And praise God that he has provided this answer to prayer to have people who can carry on this training in a dynamic way! And praise God that he orders even the flights of airplanes or uses our mis-planning to do a greater thing.  If I had been here, I probably would have in many ways taken over, but he's doing a new thing!

Noroh, Chris, and Blessing

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