Friday, July 5, 2019

Are You Praying For Me?

Because I feel it!
The last week has been an amazing journey of discovering God's love for me, and sensing his peace.
Please don't stop!  I wake up every morning with a renewed sense of purpose and joy, weather that's making my family breakfast or planning an event.  Praise God!

Team Zobo from Zach's community in the United States flew out of Abuja on Wednesday. Their time here was a powerful expression of the global body reaching out to mutually love and encourage.  That was their theme verse "That you may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith," (Romans 1:12) and we saw the Father doing just that.

From the experience of Dad Yoder expressed in clear explanations of how to ride bikes well and safely to the persistence of those learning to ride, we were mutually encouraged. 

 From the ability of the team to ask good questions to hearing the testimonies of colleagues' faith as they walk this journey and live missionally, we were mutually encouraged.

From listening to Mom Yoder share her experiences of mothering to the great question that expressed sincere longing to raise children who know what their lives are about, we were mutually encouraged.

From the sweet hospitality of Nigerian colleagues in opening their homes to the flexibility of Team Zobo in new circumstances, we were mutually encouraged.

From picking up kids for the drama to the peals of laughter that came from the kids drama day experience, echoing across to the car port where the bikes were being repaired, we were mutually encouraged.

There is no doubt, and no way to explain the beauty of the body coming together that happened over these few weeks Team Zobo was here.  We can only pray that next year, more come to experience this indescribably beautiful, faith and body building journey in Nigeria.

Thank you again for praying together with us!

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