Friday, January 17, 2020

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We currently are maintaining two different mailing lists.  One is for our prayer letter "AmongUs" and (other e-mail updates we sometimes call "prayeragraphs"), and the other is a list of updates to this blog, Yodelings. With this form you can sign up for both AmongUs and Yodelings. Just be sure to check the Yodelings box.

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All we absolutely need is your e-mail address.  However, it can help if you give other information as well.

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Our blog updates are more frequent than the other updates.  You can see what the blog updates are like by reading past posts on this blog.


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The address is optional. We could use this to send things occasionally. (Such as a new prayer card.)

The phones numbers are optional, too.  We could use these to contact you for various reasons. For example, if your e-mail changes, we can call or text to find out your new one.

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