Sunday, January 11, 2015

Q and A

When are you going back?
February 1st

What will you do when you go back?
We will begin by meeting the translation project leaders, asking them how their communities are accessing Scripture, and what their felt Scripture needs are.

Where will you live?
We will return to our rented house in Jos, Nigeria.

Do you want children?
Yes! Our baby is due mid-July.

How can we pray?
*For a doctor who can deliver the baby
*Wisdom as we meet project leaders and identify how we can be part of what God’s doing through his Word.
*Transitioning back to life in Nigeria.
*Wisdom defining our roles in Nigeria in Scripture Engagement.

A New Years Poem!

“I will instruct you and teach you which way you should go,
 As you trust, my love will surround you so you know,
I am here, I am enough,
I catch your tears when the road is rough.”
In 2014 we lived in the US,
We wrote a thesis, and passed a test.
We return with titles, but know the Master true,
Our Counselor, who lovingly foreknew,
We would know loss with a baby at 11 weeks in the womb,
Returning to Jesus, a resurrection with no tomb,
We would have grace to carry another as well,
His praises we declare as this redeeming news we tell.
We would be reunited with friends from long ago,
Building new memories before the changing winds blow.
We would a diverse faith family find,
whose moving stories revealed a Father kind.
We would accept a position to lead our team,
In Scripture engagement, helping communities dream.
Using our complimentary gifts to connect them with the Word,
For on that day ‘round the throne every language will be heard!
In this new year as the road unfolds,
We pray we trust the one who holds,
The moon, the stars in his hand,
As we journey to another homeland.

Collaboration, vulnerabity and trust

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