Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A new director--Tom Crabtree!

On Nigeria’s 55th anniversary (that is October 1) our group got a new director!  Last week Wednesday we celebrated the transition with cake and prayer.  Please join us in prayer!  Here are some details to help you:

Tom (left) receives a picture of the group from Ian (left)
Thank God for all he did through our outgoing director, Ian Hollman.  He arrived in Nigeria about a year before I did, so I have had the privilege of seeing eight of his nine years of leadership of our group through several transitions.  Under his leadership our organization has transformed from scattered individual expatriates, each working independently, to a unified organization including both Nigerians and expatriates working together with a common vision.  Thank God for his years of dedicated service, his care and posture of listening before moving.  Also thank God for his family who have supported him through those years.  Ian will still be living in Nigeria, working as an Africa Area director, a role he started a couple of years ago.

Praying for Tom and Robyn
Please join us in praying for Tom Crabtree as he takes up the leadership of SIL Nigeria.  Pray for wisdom and courage as he takes up the leadership of this organization at a challenging time.  Personally, I think that Tom is perfectly prepared for this role, not just because of his years of cross-cultural leadership experience, or his gentle but clear direction, but because he is taking up the position in humility and looking to God for help.  Thank God for these gifts! Christy and I met Tom and his wife Robyn the same year we met each other (2010).  We loved them from the beginning, and were so thankful when they joined our group that year, and are praying not only for them to lead the group well where God leads, but also that this time will help them to grow (and not wear them out!) as they lead.

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