Friday, October 2, 2015

Strategic Prayer for Scripture Enagagement

Finally!  Our Scripture Engagement team gathered together yesterday for the first time since April.  (Read some of the previous posts on the Scripture Engagement team to see why.)  We did a SWOT analysis—that is we identified our strengths and weaknesses, and also opportunities, and threats as we consider our strategy as a team. Then we developed a list of things we want to pray for so that our part of God’s mission will go forward—things we can’t do on our own.

Will you join us in praying for these things which we can't control, but we hope God will do?
  • Clarity and direction for us as an organization as our Nigerian Missionaries look for new Ministry Partners to pray for and support them financially.
    Related to this, pray for each member of our team to have all the ministry partners and the full support level they need.
  • Courage to step into opportunities, even if we don't know exactly how it will all work out
  • Direction and unity in deciding anchor projects--that is communities we will develop relationships with over the next two years.  (More on that as it unfolds.)
  • More people to join us in the work--In Scripture Engagement, Arts, and Vernacular Media services. (Maybe sometime next year?)
  • Good health for us and our families (a number of us have been sick lately)
  • Unity in vision
  • Opportunities for training for our staff
 Thanks for praying.  Let's see what God will do!

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