Monday, October 28, 2019

He's On Leave

I, Christy, called around to the potential interested trainers, and, hearing my dear friend, Chris, on the other line said, "I'm so glad you are interested in being part of training others!  What about your job?"  "I'm on leave," he informed me happily.  Isn't that just like God?  You see, out of all the trainers coming tomorrow for the two day workshop where we will prepare ourselves to go and train others, Chris is the only one who has actually been through this training before, more than once.  He is the one who sat with me three years ago, praying for teachers to come join us in teaching the children of our small Bible study on Thursday nights as we saw the numbers growing quickly. 

This is an answer to prayer.  God is bringing together a team, with many competent people.  There are now eight people planning to attend tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

I'm writing to ask for prayer.  I'm up too late, still preparing.  I'm a bit jetlagged. We still don't have a schedule for when we will be doing trainings and where starting November 9th.  However, God isn't on leave, uncle Chris is, what a great combination!  Please pray for me as I train these that God has brought, helping us to become a strong team.  Pray for the teachers that we will be joining hands with later, and pray for the children who will hear the story of Jesus and choose to follow him.

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