Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Part of Her World

Walking with this precious woman, being part of her world, has had so many rewards.  I have learned so much about Nigerian marriage, parenting, spirituality, and struggle from this friend, Benedicta.  After being here three weeks, she was finally able to travel back to Jos to visit us and see her son, Philip, who we had the privilege of naming when he came into the world 20 months ago. 
Since then, her life has fallen apart, but her faith, her desire to heal, her resiliency, takes me down a path of trusting God for the impossible, of fighting for love, grace, faith, and forgiveness.  Thank you, dear sister, for all I learn through our friendship.

 Besides being a missionary, like Philip in the Bible, it looks like Philip is learning the importance of tea breaks and quick, to the point phone calls that Nigerians are so good at!
Philip liked my glasses.  He looks smart, doesn't he?  He is. 

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