Thursday, February 5, 2015

Paris On the Way!

As I walk with my arm looped around Zach's through small shops, cafe's, and flower markets in Paris, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness that this is where God has brought us.  Not just to Paris for a few days, but to this marriage, where we find a true partner and friend in each other, and where we can serve together with a people we love.  We are so thankful.  We chose two sites to see and spent the rest of our time resting, praying, preparing our hearts for continuing on.

My very own flute playing statue at the Louvre!

The Seine River ...this may be Notre Dame on the other side, but we aren't sure.  It looked more like a lovely castle to us.

French Bakery!  We had dinner in this little cafe.  Quiche, salad, fresh baked bread.  Yum!  All things we don't eat much in Nigeria (well, the bread we can get, but now French bread). We also bought Kiwi and grapes!  Fun to eat them now, but know we won't probably miss these things too much once we're in Nigeria since they have good food too!

Some beautiful tower near the Seine River.  We got there right when they turned on the lights and felt the show was for us.

It has been so fun to get to know the city a bit as we walked the streets, took the metro, and joked with good-humoured Frenchmen.  Maybe someday we'll stop in again, but tomorrow we're on our way to Nigeria!  Goodbye Europe! 

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  1. So sweet to see a photo of you, Christy, in this new stage of life! :) Glad you guys had one another to share this trip with, and that you get to live life together. Welcome back to Africa. I feel closer to you, and that makes me happy.


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