Friday, February 13, 2015


Releasing ourselves to inspiration and it's impact on us is sometimes challenging, not so?
Needless to say, I was inspired.  My husband told me about this place years ago, before we were married.  He painfully reminded me of my words then, a flippant disinterest at seeing what, upon returning to Nigeria a year later, inspired me.  The German woman and her Nigerian husband who started this school 7 years ago have a vision that finds children walking down this beautiful hall with wood fired brick and cheerful curtains every day.
 It has children playing on this carefully, thoughtfully, and ingeniously built playground.
It had me longing to hit the ground running because only God knows what we can "build" as we walk with him, and are part of meeting the needs around us.  I pray I am becoming someone who allows myself to be inspired by the lives and faith of others.   

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