Thursday, February 5, 2015

Neighborhoods we pray for

Christy and I have been desiring to grow in prayer this year.  (We asked some of you to pray about this.)  One of the ways in which God answered that prayer was through a book called Why Pray?  We are learning to see prayer are the first and most important work we do.  We are learning to pray first, before doing anything.  We would love to have you join us in prayer. The great thing, is you can pray anywhere and impact places far away!  For several months now, Christy and I have been praying regularly for four specific neighborhoods. 

This is the neighborhood where Christy and I lived for a year and a half.  We have good friends there including a young couple with a child, and a small group of children.  We have seen homes broken through poverty, alcohol, and lack of commitment in marriage.  Most of the people profess to be Christians (many Catholic, but also many from various protestant denominations including pentecostal ones), and we know sincere believers who are growing in God in this neighborhood.  Some prayer starters are: God thank you for chosen ones in Hwolshe . . . let them shine brightly . . .please bring healing to marriages . . . take away the destructive selfish forces of alcohol . . . provide all that each family needs . . . especially for orphans and single mothers and their children . . . let the truth of your word rest.

Gidan Ragu ("House of the Ram")
I used to frequently walk through this neighborhood on my way to work.  Some parts are quite different from the neighborhood where I live now, having narrower streets and houses built in a different style more closely together.  We have a friend who lives in this neighborhood, and have been praying for God's blessing on the neighborhood since early this year.  Some prayer starters are: Lord, thank you for these people's contentment with what they have . . . please provide their daily needs . . . please let your light of truth shine bringing hope and healing . . . please embolden your children who live in this neighborhood to forgive those who have wronged them.

Our mobile home park, Dallas, TX
This is where we were living for the past year.  Most of our neighbors are students or people working to support the work of Bible Translation and minority language development internationally in one way or another.  Others commute from nearby neighborhoods to work here.  On the center we have a mobile home park, a retirement home, a guest house (which also serves as a student's dormitory), and various duplexes, and other multiplex housing situations.  Some prayer starters: God thank you for establishing this center . . . it belongs to you . . . please renew vision by your Holy Spirit for your work. . . please bring complete unity to each of the different organizations and departments . . . provide all the needs . . . please send more workers, thank you for each of our brother's and sisters of all ages.

Friends, Colleagues, and Neighbors of Building the Kingdom Community Church
This is this church where Christy and I now attend.  We have started walking in the neighborhoods surrounding the church, just to pray.  Also, because of the church's recent "Each one reach one" initiative, we have decided to start praying for co-workers, friend, and family of the church members.  Some prayer starters:  Father, thank you for the amazing miracles you have done in the lives of members of BKCC . . . thank you for Pastor Vic and all the other ministers who assist him . . . please give the choir unity as Christy and Zach lead it . . . let Christy and Zach quickly learn and worship you through Gospel songs and let the choir learn other songs . . . let all the music be focussed on Christ for your glory . . . let the people living in neighborhoods around BKCC know your daily provision . . . set people free from the bondage and deceit of sin . . . bring those who don't have church homes into fellowship with the body of Christ, where you best please!

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