Wednesday, May 31, 2017


If there is one thing that living in West Africa has taught me, it's that family in God's eyes is so much more than what we learned about extended and nuclear families in anthropology 101. The bonds that hold people to each other are as diverse as the shades of brown that make this colorful creation of family so special.
We are preparing to go on furlough. Preparing for a tearing that we know God has already covered in his grace.  With this knowledge, we live our days building memories, scrapbooking ones we've had, and training ourselves for a time apart.  Daso will be returning to her family two weeks after we return to the United States.  She will stay with her "aunties" Nnena and Mary Jane who brighten our days and will love her well at the beginning of the 6-month separation.

We (Mari, Daso, and I) will be making a journey to her hometown to see schools, and pray God provides just the right place for her, giving me discernment to know it when we find it! My hope is also to find a mentor for her as an outside person to listen and pray with her.  Thank you for holding us all up before the Father who loves each of us and goes ahead of us.

Family Picture from left to right: Mary Jane, Christy, Mariama, Daso, Zach, Nnena

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