Monday, May 29, 2017

The big day--Our colleagues' first appointments!

Monday, May 29
Hubert preparing his photo album
Today some of our eleven new Nigerian missionaries went for their first appointments to meet potential ministry partners.  Thank God for encouraging first appointments, and for lessons learned.  Hubert, the new missionary colleague that I (Zach) went with did an excellent job of presenting and answering questions.  Praise God!

We will continue to go daily for these appointments from Wednesday this week, through June 20. Please pray that they learn what God wants them to learn. Please pray their appointments hold. Please pray that the people we meet see our coming as an opportunity to invest in things that last for eternity. Finally, please pray that some of these relationships will last for many years as the Nigerians we meet today join our Nigerian colleagues in ministry both through finances and in faithful prayer.

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