Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Seven languages at once!?

Listening to audio Scriptures while we prepare for the workshop
[This post was supposed to have gone up on Wednesday 10 May.]
"Okay.  So we have followed up with about twelve languages, and none of them seem interested in doing a Scripture listening and reading group?"  I said, knowing that our new teammate, Helen will need to gain experience in leading this training which helps people learn how to lead small group Audio Bible studies.  Yet, each time we have a meeting to follow up on which languages are interested, it seems no language is ready.  Christy and I are planning to leave Nigeria early in July, and May is our last opportunity to show Helen how to lead this kind of training.  Again we pray about it, and move on.
Then, less than two weeks ago, I found myself sitting in a village looking at a text message on my phone.  "Thanks for the reply on the workshop.  When can we meet to plan?"  Oh, yes Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) had wanted us to help them put on "a Scripture Engagement workshop".  They had never done one before.  This was just the opportunity we needed!

The next day, back in Jos, we sat discussing our plans.  It was easy to get caught up in the details and miss the significance of this moment.  How long have we longed for an opportunity to teach people in a CAPRO field how they can use Scriptures in their language?  Here we sit, at the initiative of CAPRO, planning to help not one language, but seven languages at once!

Today we start phase two of the workshop.  The fellowship in prayer and discussion in phase one was amazing. Thank God for his grace as we having putting together a lot of details at the last minute.  Thank God for this special opportunity for Helen and Princeton (two new people on our team) to work with CAPRO and learn about Scripture listening and reading groups. Please pray that each of the 24 participants go back equipped and inspired to use their languages to reach their people.

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