Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Refuge 139

In Cameroon...
I looked over the list and counted.  I was about to make small groups of the fourth to sixth graders that were in my class for the two weeks of Refuge 139 (A program developed to minister to missionary kids).  I wanted to make small groups of boys and girls so we could go deep.  “Oh, my” I thought to myself, “that poor little girl,” as I realized that only 1 of the 12 children was a girl. “Oh, my,” my mind quickly turned to my own welfare, “poor me!”  I remembered spiritual conversations I had tried to have with other young boys this age, and realized that the curriculum, crafts, and discussion was going to need adjustments.
The second day, watching each of them as “squires” and “maidens” sincerely make their pledge solemnly to their KING, Jesus Christ, and kneel before the class “king” to be dubbed knights and ladies in the “Order of the Eagle” humbled me. I found myself confessing to God that I had been wrong about his children.  Not only were they sensitive to Him and his word, attentive and ready to discuss hard topics, and great at listening to each other, but they were also up for any activity that was presented to them!  We danced, we painted, we played, we prayed, we meditated, we grew together.  I truly loved these MK’s (and the two other girls that joined the group unexpectedly on the first day), and wish we’d had more time together (not sure if they can say the same).  

I went to Cameroon with a desire to love, bless, and disciple children.  I returned having been loved and blessed by these MK’s and the missionary community.  I returned with a renewed desire to love the MK’s around me, and my own MK’s who are a vital part of their parents’ ministry, called by God to this country for a specific work. 
Thank you for praying with us for this journey.

Oh, as for the team that I worked with, there were 6 of us.  We were chosen for that time, and each uniquely gifted to contribute to the total success of the Cameroon Refuge 139 program for 2017.  If you are interested in being part of a Refuge 139 team going to one of the many parts of the world where Wycliffe missionaries are working, please click here to go to the Refuge 139 website.  You’ll come back praising God in new and dynamic ways! 


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