Monday, May 22, 2017

Discipleship Ministry Partner Development (DMPD) Starts today

May 22 is here.  The marathon has begun.
Today we gathered with eleven new SIL Nigeria staff, Nigerians coming from the north, the south and everywhere in between.   Over the past six weeks, I have enjoyed hearing their testimonies of God's calling and their insightful questions that reveal their shared passion for Bible translation.  God has answered your prayers and has called and sent us new people to join us in the harvest!

We have gathered together with the intention of meeting from 6:50am to 9:30pm Monday to Friday for a month (the last day is June 21).  Why are we gathered?  We are training these twelve new staff how to meet with potential Nigerian ministry partners.  We will train them practically how to explain the great need for language development and Bible translation in Nigeria, what SIL Nigeria is doing to help meet that need, and what the potential ministry partners can do to help.  Our new staff will sit with Nigerian bankers, bakers, teachers, lawyers, elders, shopkeepers, women with small market stalls and owners of large successful businesses.  They will explain with each person how they can become a ministry partner with SIL through prayers and financial support.

The first ten days (May 22-31) are the most intense.  It is a bit like a space shuttle going into orbit.  We expend the most energy without going very far in these ten days, but this is what will help us break away from the "gravity" of the earth (our old habits and attitudes).

Please pray with us!
  • Thank God for each of the new staff!  He has answered our prayer and called and sent them!
  • Thank God that each of these staff already have contact information for forty people in Jos!
  • Pray for continued energy and wisdom especially if our energy goes down.
  • Pray for continued health (last time we did this I had malaria for five weeks afterwards... I don't want a repeat! See In my weakness and Getting stronger)
  • Pray for the Nigerians we will meet, that they will recognize the opportunity to invest in "treasures in Heaven" and become ministry partners.
  • Pray for the new SIL Nigeria staff that they will remain optimistic and learn exactly what God wants to teach them each day about himself. (You can pray this for me, too!)

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