Monday, August 20, 2018

The North

We have traveled north to a big city to partner with another organization who is training teachers.

It took us about 6 hours to get here. The landscape, architecture, activities, and dressing all changed as we moved North.

Guinea fowl eggs! Boiled and sold on the roadside! A yummy, healthy snack we all enjoyed. 

I, Christy, will be mostly observing the first training for a group of 30 teachers, and then jumping in to teach tomorrow, Tuesday, on creativity in the undersourced classroom. A different group of teachers from a rural school will join us on Wednesday for a second training.

We're so thankful for a little get away with the family, seeing a part of the country we've never been before, and spending time with God's faithful here who have a vision for reaching this city of 6 million with the love of God.

Please pray for a good connection with the others in the training, both facilitators and classroom teachers.  Pray for safety and health for our girls, and rest for Zach, though he'll be spending a lot of time with our little ones over the next 5 days.

On our way to church

At the gate of the church, we met one of the administrators I'll be teaching with this week.
In church a man with long tribal markings on his face sat next was from Chad. He beamed when I started speaking to him in French.  We shared three languages in common!
Toward the beginning of the service, Lydia was hungry.  Since we had been seated on the men's side of the church, I felt more comfortable heading out.  We went to the Sunday school classrooms, where I lead the class because the teacher had not come that day.  Thankfully 3 other adults, one a  teacher from other classrooms was there to help with Hausa, the mother tongue of many of the children. Little girls wore eyeliner on their eyebrows and around their eyes.  Some had a mark between their eyebrows. So beautiful to be with God's people in a different part of the world, yet sharing the same message, "God loves children, and he invites you to come to him."
I taught them the song that God's Power had written in Jos for our children's Bible study. We also sang it in Hausa.
What a great first day!  Mariama summed it up as we strolled to dinner, singing loudly an original song, "Today is a fun day! Today is a fun day!" We all joined her dancing down the road. 

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