Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The greatest resource

The teachers sit in groups creating learning songs and stories.  They laugh, they wonder, they dance, they learn. Their songs are varied.  Some well polished, some haltingly sung, some on topic, some loosly connected to the topic they were given.  Each song, though, original, fulfilling its purpose.  I ask them after they have presented their songs, “What is the greatest resource your classroom has?” 
“The teacher,” one teacher stands, an understanding smile on his face.

“Say, ‘I am’ when I ask the question.” I tell them and I repeat the question. These teachers, working in a system where they are all teaching multiple grade levels, in the second language of the children, with few “classroom resources” are the best resource their classroom has.

This group of teachers, coming from village areas, were very interactive, bright, and excited.  Knowing they are facing many unnamed challenges, they were eager to learn and become even better teachers. What a joy to be part of the training team, encouraging these teachers who are believers in a part of the country where they are a minority.

I thank God for this opportunity!   Please pray for them as they return to their allocations.  May they be able to put into practice the teaching methods they’ve learned in these three days.   May they go with the confidence that they are a rich resource to make a difference in the lives of their students.

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