Friday, August 10, 2018

A Vapor in the Wind

The Bible refers to our lives as a "vapor." (James 4:14)  My fragility, the limited time to make impact for the eternal, my wisping weakness whispers to me from this verse every time.  Nate and Kirstin were but a vapor, their two weeks with us rushing by, like the steam escaping from a kettle, yet their impact was immense. They were more like the fragrant vapor that rises from an essential oil ring; healing, pure, refreshing, remembered with joy.  They ministered the Nigerian missionaries in our group by staying in their homes, seeing their ministries on the field, and participating in every day events, affirming their calling and reminding them of the unity in God's family, of the global church.

This fact takes my mind off of the littleness of man and places it on the biggness of God to take but a vapor and allow it to have the impact of a strong wind.  What a God! This is the first time that this verse has not made me want to crumble into the arms of God, but to glorify him for making our vaporous lives so full of blessing, meaning, and impact. 

Today, Nate and Kirstin left for Abuja with Zach. 
Here are some highlights of their time with us.

I have had a dream of recording some of the many Scripture songs.  Our Vernacular Media Services team allowed 7 children to come in and record.  Kirstin got to witness the patience and perseverance this kind of work takes!

The Orange Hat, a library and resource center for children and families opened on the 31st with a prayer and singing! God renewed our vision for this ministry as we prayed together that this would be a place where children can find themselves and take their community down a new road!

Nigeria has a lot of internally displaced people.  Here some children who have recently be relocated from the IDP camp are writing a Scripture song.

Nate and Kirstin, along with Zach and other colleagues made it to the top of Gog and Maigog, not an easy thing to do.

We had a "love feast" where our Nigerian missionaries came with their families for a time of fellowship with Kirstin and Nate. What a joy it was.

Lydia enjoyed the fellowship too with Aunty who is practicing funny faces for her own little one coming soon!

Nate and Kirstin participated in a 5k run in our neighborhood.  The top 3 boy and the top 3 girls will be going with me to market to buy new shoes!

Zach celebrated 35 years with a pinata made by Daso, me, and Mariama. (It was supposed to be for Daso's party in May)

It was decorated with painted paper from pendulum painting which we created at Mariama's birthday in July!

The first day of The Orange Hat brought over 40 children who had registered.

Bye auntie!  We'll miss you.  Tonight when they called to say "bye" from the airport in Abuja, Mariama said, "I want to talk to Uncle Nate." and she told him all about the night we'd had. Such a sweet connection. They will be missed. 

Please pray for Kirstin and Nate as they travel through the night to return to the US by Saturday. Pray that they will be able to process all they've learned and have joy in it all.
Please pray that their first sharing time, on Wednesday evening at World Gospel Church, will be a blessing for all who come and also bear fruit for the Kingdom as they share the stories of our Nigerian missionaries!

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