Thursday, June 11, 2015

Going Deeper in Meeting 2

On Saturday we are planning the second community meeting.

We hope to go deeper into the issues discussed in the first meeting that was held in April.

We need your prayers! 

Zach is still not fully recovered, so we need wisdom of how to involve him as much as possible without wearing him out.

We plan on focusing on the three main aspects that the community identified as the most important factors in creating a healthy environment for their children to grow:
  • Health
  • The children knowing God's Word
  • Increasing love for one another (neighbors)
These are broad, and we need wisdom as to how to address them, and involved the community in decision making.  We hope to be able to become more focused in our involvement in the community, but how do we do that? What does God want us to focus on?

Today we are holding a meeting in the evening with those who will help us to plan and lead the meeting.  Please pray that there will be unity among us, that we will have an open mind as to how we will organize the meeting, and that we will listen well to their thoughts.  


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