Friday, March 27, 2015


This beautiful picture was taken in Indiana NOT Nigeria
"What are you hoping to receive from retreat?" Zach asked me, Christy, this morning as we were bustling around trying to pack up and prepare the house for our time at the Nigeria Group retreat.  We have this time every year, but this  year is different than others for a number of reasons:
  1. Nigeria is in election time so some of our Nigerian colleagues will not even be with their families because their children or wives are intending to remain in their homes.
  2. As expatriates we don't know how the outcome of the election will impact our ministry so we pray that God will prepare our hearts for the coming season in Nigeria. 
  3. We are pregnant.  In a few months our whole lives will be turned upside down. 
  4. As soon as we get back from retreat middle of next week, I will be traveling for two weeks, and then Zach for one week when I return.
  5. We have just returned to Nigeria, and are still in transition. 
So, what am I hoping to receive in the "mailbox of my heart" during retreat? Well, I'm overwhelmed with other mail.  Is it junk mail?  No.  It's really great "assignments" like the 30 children that come to our house every week, the many meaningful relationships that we've developed here, a community meeting where we want to discuss how we can develop our community, the Bibleless communities of Nigeria and all the demands these important "assignments" place on our time, our hearts, our lives both at home and in the office.

I don't wish them to stop, but I pray God will speak of a newly revealed  aspect of his character for THIS TIME that will allow me to focus on the "mail" that is the most critical at this time. 

Please pray for us as we retreat with our colleagues for 6 days in a quiet center outside of Jos.

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