Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Postponed for Prayer!

It was 1:50pm, and I had the room all set up for our Scripture engagement DREAMING MEETING at 2pm.  This was the first time ALL 11 of us in-country were going to discuss our ideas and where we felt God was leading our team.  It was a monster to find a time when all of us could be there.  I love planning meetings, and we had all sorts of exciting activities to bring unity and clarity to our work.
At that moment, someone in another meeting, which commenced at 10am) came in looking ragged.  She said, “Oh, we’re taking a break. Wow, this is draining!”  “A break?!?” I said in surprise and maybe a little bit of annoyance as I realized that our meeting just wasn’t going to happen.

However, that means we can now write you and say, “PLEASE PRAY!”  We so want God to lead our team, to bind us together in unity so that “the world may know that God sent Jesus (Jn. 17).”  How can you pray?

  • That we will listen well
  • That all the directions our different departments are going in will find a common vision
  • That we will learn each other’s strengths and focus on them.
  • That we will not become distracted by the thousands of opportunities and needs, but identify what God’s BEST is for our team now!
  • That everyone will feel heard
  • That we will remember and encourage each other in the fact that this is God’s work and he can do even the most “impossible” tasks, and therefore we would be both humble, sensitive, and bold in our asking and seeking and knocking!

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