Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Baby

"How is our baby?" is a common question as I return home after a days work.  It is a lovely reminder by the shopkeepers and neighbors that the little one growing in me is part of a community already.  What a treasure living in West Africa has taught me.  It is humbling for me, however, when my friends wash my dishes or need to carry things for me in the market, and I know I should let them.  I can do it, but the exhaustion that would "follow the body" if I tried to do EVERYTHING I used to would leave me unable to minister in other areas of my lives. 

Besides washing my dishes and carrying my market bags, my friends also have braided my hair:

and sewn me new clothes! 

I so miss sharing "our baby" with my family on the other side of the big water, but I'm so overwhelmed with the care and joy shown to me here.  We are both looking forward with anticipation to sharing "our baby" with our worldwide family.  Praise God for his care shown through so many.

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