Monday, October 14, 2013

What to Study!

“What will you study, Christy?” That is such a good question, I just don’t know how to answer it! At GIAL there are so many great things to study! Zach will finish his masters. I have too much to do to finish mine. I want to study some Scripture Engagement, some World Arts, some Literacy. I want to be better prepared in all these areas because I encounter needs in all of them almost daily. Not only when I go to the village, but in Jos! People read, but don’t understand the Scriptures! They don’t often speak the language they’re reading in well enough to comprehend. Or, they don’t read at all. How can churches be more effective in reaching pre-literate woman, children, and men who have so many cultural and personal barriers to over come! I know this sounds familiar to God’s people all over the world! But God has put me here, and Nigeria has specific needs…GIAL will be a place where I can become prepared to face the challenges. I will study. I will study people, books, stories, testimonies, my own experiences…and I will learn! I want to become a student of what works to bring God’s Word to people in their heart language, written, oral, drama, song, or otherwise.
This is Gloria, who has memorized over 100 verses of Scripture to win her own Bible! Now that is exciting!

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