Monday, October 14, 2013

Light in Kiceland!

I (Christy) wrote this for our 2013 staff prayer booklet. You can pray and praise with us!

Praise for the Bace,
Speaking their Kuce,
Living in Kice,
Who hunger for Light!

Literacy primers are done,
To the classes may they come,
All praise and glory to the Son!
Who is piercing with his light!

Translation and review,
In Luke, may God see them through,
Experiencing these ancient words anew!
That they may carry your light!

Christy leaves in mid-December,
Training may the teachers remember,
And to the Spirit's leading tender,
As they give way to the Light!

Jeje, the literacy coordinator,
Baba Gideon, project motivator,
Alex Kudu, head translator,
Unity, Jesus, to shine your light!

This year held community meeting,
Youth event and literacy launching,
Taking flight, together praying!
May we trust the Light!

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