Monday, October 14, 2013

Putting on Weight

I knelt down before the paramount chief one day in his throne room. He asked how I was doing, and I said, "Fine, sir." He looked at me and smiled and said, "I can see, you are putting on weight!" "Yes, thank you, sir, your people are taking good care of me." We all laughed together. If this was an isolated incident, it would be a better story! However, I receive such hopeful praise in the form of "Oh, you are looking good and fat" or "Christy, you get fatter and fatter every time I see you!" at least once a week. It is a compliment, and I have learned to receive it as so. If I was wasting away in Nigeria, Nigerians might feel their country is not being good to me. As it is, they see I am thriving here! Futhermore, they are waiting for the day when I will respond, "I have taken in." (I'm pregnant.) In the mean time, they will have to be thankful that I don't burst into tears at their encouragement. That would be quite shocking to them I imagine! I should try it some time! It might be a great cultural learning moment! On a more serious note, young brides here face a lot of stress after marriage. If they are not pregnant within the first few months, the mother-in-law starts to wonder if there is a problem with her new daughter-in-law, and the family will start pressuring the new couple to start a family or the son to take the woman back. Children are seen as so essential in a marriage that a marriage isn't complete without them. This kind of pressure actually reduces the chances of a young women to get pregnant. Please pray for new couples in Nigeria, and for a deeper understanding of the purpose of marriage. "Leave, cleave, and two shall become one flesh." Shike nan! (That's it!) May the unity before God, the cleaving, become of utmost importance, and may God be glorified in Godly marriages...with or without the blessing of children! May God give US wisdom as well to share be a light in our marriage and share truth as he puts it into our hearts regarding sex, marriage, and children.

Please pray for those women who are barren and live here because the constant questions from friends and families are painful reminders of what is seen a rejection by God, a failure to be the woman she's supposed to be.

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