Monday, October 14, 2013

Come Youth!

The first 3-day youth event was held in the town of Jebbu Bassa where 44 youth received a certificate and a transition primer in Kuce. The low attendance made Christy think that maybe this wasn’t going to be what she had in mind, a catalyst for the youth of Kice to love and read their language!
However, at the end of the three days, one of the teachers, Igye Ruth said, “I didn’t think this thing was going to work, but it was really wonderful!” We have to do it in my village. The chief, her brother, agreed, and arranged for meals to be provided for us. Traveling to Zagun, I realized why so few youth had come from the villages. At the end of rainy season, the roads were almost untravelable (creative spelling), and the group pulled into the secondary school 2 hours after Christy was hoping. With no time to set up, we began the program with 2 classrooms, and a growing number of students. By day two, there were around 150 youth, over half of them pre-literate or at very basic levels of being literate. We managed with the two classrooms, but were thankful the next day when 5 were opened up. As in Jebbu Bassa, Christy gave a talk on sex and marriage from a Biblical worldview. The third day around 250 youth gathered for the closing ceremony to receive certificates and books.
Songs in Kuce were sung and the energy levels were high. Not everyone got one due to limited supply and reading levels of the participants, but we pray that those who came were blessed and motivated and encouraged to speak Kuce. On the drive back, the teachers were abuzz, and said, “We have to move around to all of the literacy centers! We can’t leave anyone out!” Yes! They have caught the fire! May God set it ablaze!

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