Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Win and Camp!

Thursday, the 27th and Saturday the 29th proved to be more than I could handle, but I know God was not daunted by the 150 rambunctious athletes, gangs wandering by and through the field, the late start, people arguing about who was to play next, and the sun beating down in the dry heat. 

From the beginning of this tournament in late November until now, we've seen the hand of God in many ways.  Coaches showed up to train and disciple kids. God provided financially through a company in the US for 60 kids to go to camp with their winning team.  He provided the speaker system from the church.  He also provided Adams, who was willing to invest his time and resources in organizing, and Sports Friends International who will run the camp for the winners. God has done it, shown himself strong in our weakness, and we praise him for it!
The athletes said their memory verses before they were allowed to compete.

Ready to go!

Listening to the encouragement to follow Christ so they can win in life before the competition began.

Please Pray! We still do not have transportation for the 100 athletes going to camp tomorrow, Wednesday, the 2nd of January.
Please Pray!  That the children from different backgrounds will find Christ at camp, and be agents of change in their communities.
Please Pray!  That the coaches who attend with the athletes will be vigilant and wise, and that God will protect the participants spiritually, physically, and emotionally as they are at the camp from January 2nd-January 5th.  I am looking for a female footballer to accompany the girls.
Please Pray! For Sports Friends International as they disciple these young people to follow Christ. 

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