Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Sometimes while we drive on slick American highways, I look at my speedometer and see that I am going way over the speed limit!  How does that happen?  Do I have a need for speed?  Despite my years as a sprinter, I don’t think so.  I think that it is a reflection of how the rest of my life gets going so fast.  I go with the flow of the traffic around me!  I start out at a normal speed, but as I get drive along, focusing on the road, cozying myself down for a long drive, I start to move with the business around me, the cars that are going to fast, or the opportunities that are just a little too out of reach.  I find that I don’t realize that I’m speeding along,  dragging my precious family along, out of breath, until I’m just too far past the limit.  I need prayer on this, and am hoping that this furlough, I can start noticing myself zooming along before I'm way over my emotional speed limit.

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