Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Parking Lot Prayer

I was standing in the parking lot on Randalsville New Life church, where I came to Christ and started my personal spiritual journey.  What happened as I stood was heavenly, a familial connection that is so rare in today’s world. In the course of 5 minutes, 3 different people embraced me and prayed over me because they saw I had a need.  Praise God for the love of his body who not only says they’ll pray for you, but does it, setting an example that you can follow for a life of loving others! 
Another example of this divine family was when I was preparing my role for the closing of VBS and I was enjoying the little kicks our new baby was giving me in the womb.  A Christian sister I hardly know walked by and I exclaimed in sheer pleasure of the moment, “Feeling my baby kick brings me such joy.”  Without hesitation, she said, “You bring me joy.”  Tears sprang to my eyes because it was to me a great demonstration of what we all long for, a place where we are known and loved, a family without conditions.

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