Friday, September 11, 2015

My New Assignment

Here she is:

Mari consumes so much of my time, and has also scooped up my heart with her smiles and dependency on her Mama. I didn’t know how passionately I would feel about this mothering job but now that I wake up to a needy little person who gives back in her own way, I find immense pleasure in this work.  To watch her change and grow, learning where her hand is, responding to the voice of her Mama, and wondering at the spinning animals above her crib is exhilarating.  Who knew?  If you’ve ever had a baby, you did, but it’s a whole new way of viewing my role and calling.
I now look for opportunities in my community to reach out to young mothers, and mentor them in this work.  I think more about the MK’s (missionary kids) in our group, and wonder how we can help them love their environment and renrich their experience living in Nigeria.
I am on maternity leave until mid-October.  Please pray for us as we consider what our ministry will look like after that time, and that I will truly cherish the time I have with my little Mari now.

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