Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ogoja for New Years

We headed out from Jos on December 27th just as planned, three hours after our stated departure time. A good friend loaned us her car for the 8 hour journey, and Mike (our co-worker) drove. We arrived in Ogoja to see our dear friend Linus long after dark because everything takes more time than anticipated. The following are a list of our activities while in this hot, sticky, friendly region of Nigeria. • 28th Delivered survey reports to the Tivoid language cluster. People were surprised to see Linus, Mike, and Zach again a year after they came with their survey team. They greeted them by name, and rejoiced in the fruit of their labour! Christy enjoyed this taste of Zach’s work he pours his heart into. Then we visited Obodu Ranch, which is high on a hill/mountain that borders Cameroon! Christy and Mike swam in the stainless steel pool while Zach and Linus took pictures. We returned very tired. • 29th We ate pancakes! We celebrated our 6 monthaversary by eating pizza Christy made, and our friends gave a word of thanks to the Lord before we toasted in the second half of our first year! • 30th We slept, read, and talked while Linus went and preached at a wedding. In the evening we played games, and ate peanut sauce. • 31st Christy made pecan cinnamon rolls. We danced, played Frisbee and Ticket to Ride, ate sweet potato soup, Christy scrapbooked, Zach wrote thank you cards, and played Uno. We toasted in the new year with prayers, hymns, and rejoicing. • January 1, 1013, we loaded up and returned to Jos.
A competitive gave of Uno!
"Yes Reverend!"
Delivering the Tivoid Report. Right: The Chief is in the red shirt. Linus is presenting him with the report. Below: Delivery of the report to another community just over the mountain from Cameroon!
Threatening Linus with a quick dunk!


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