Thursday, February 13, 2020

Two on Sunday?

Written February 10th 2020
I didn't know how soon they'd let us go
Something in me cried, "so soon, oh no!" 
Two little girls to care for and feed?
Two wee ones with many a wee need?
With Acacia tomorrow Christy will board
Staying in hospital, trusting the Lord,
That by the end of the week, Olivia too
Will go home, and we'll all start anew! 
Staying in Indiana to get ourselves adjusted,
Next week to Michigan, God can be trusted! 
Thank you for praying and standing with us
Glory to him who will be, who is, and who was.

Updated February 11th 2020
God has heard my praise, my prayers, my fears 
And we trust him as "coming home day" nears.
An alarm today for Acacia has changed it all, 
But our anchor holds, into his grace we fall,
It only lasted a few seconds and she's fine,
So five days more on hospital food I'll dine.
Maybe Olivia got my competitive gene,
For her day is Thursday, February fourteen.
Please pray with us that by the weekend,
Our babies will be home, family time to spend.

Updated again Feb 12th
A bed at an angle, when it should have been straight,
Makes another delay that works out just great.
Acacia and Olivia are now set for Sunday.
We would really be delighted to keep it that way.
So pray the alarms will all stay away!

Expected discharge date: Sunday Feb 16, 2020.

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