Tuesday, February 4, 2020

"Go home."

 She stepped into the room with a big smile and warm greeting.  Dr. Constantine immediately had my attention. We spent three days working to get my little girls to nurse and take a bottle. They stepped up to the challenge, but eventually they (and I) were getting more and more tired.
One night as I headed home after 14 hours of the joyful struggle to eat and sleep and pump, Dr. Constatntine built up my spirit, encouraging me that I am the best my babies have, and that I was doing a great job.
The next day was Friday, and I woke up thinking, "Oh, tomorrow is Saturday so I'll get a bre...no I won't, mothering doesn't get a break."  But Dr. Constantine at the close of Friday said, "I want you to go home, and not come tomorrow.  They need to rest, and you need to rest.  You can't help them if you're exhausted. Take advantage of the fact that you can rest now because when they come home, you won't get a chance."  I was surprised, resistant to the idea, but I listened.  I rested most of Saturday and even Sunday evening.  I slept in and went for a bike ride with my family.  I had better milk supply, and felt lighter. So thankful for a doctor who prescribed rest not only for her patients, but for her patients' mommy.
As I reflect on this experience, I recall all the times over the last year or more, where God has put the word upon my heart to rest.  Scripture, books I read, my mother, husband, friends all speaking into my life that I have a problem with over-business.  I actually have it in my mind that the more I do, the more fruitful I will be.  I have had a struggle with milk supply for two babies and I have done everything on the list and everything everyone has told me to do...except rest.  When I did, the milk came in better.  I feel this is a really clear illustration that God wants to use in my life.  It is so humbling to rest and NOT DO, but it leads to life bubbling up in me and a reservoir that can flow into others.  Please pray for me as I continue to learn this humbling fact and trust God when enough is enough.  Pray for our family and ministry, that through God teaching me this, we will all flourish.

If you struggle with being too busy, I'd love to pray with you or for you! Just let me know.

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