Thursday, June 20, 2019

Team Zobo has arrived!

When Mom and dad Yoder arrived with Kirstin and Naomi on June 11th, there were plans upon plans of all the things that were going to transpire in the few weeks they are in Nigeria.  Now we are almost half way through their stay here, and the many activities are passing as unseemlessly as is to be expected!

That is to say, it's exciting and interesting to have "Team Zobo" here, and that the ministries they are involved in are making impact for the kingdom, so why would we expect them to go as we planned!  God is not to be boxed in or managed like our meetings.  This is His thing, and He is dynamic!

After the first few nights, they were off to stay with some Nigerian colleagues. Each team member reflected differently on their time there.  They got to see praise band rehearsals, traditional dance practices, join other families for meals with lots of new foods, hear testimonies of how the Father has brought them into this work, hold babies, read to their children, and be with them in the normal, mundane activities of life as well!

Some exciting and sweet things that have happened are pictured below.  We are so thankful and overjoyed that they are with us, doing ministry alongside us. 

There are new babies since Kirsti was here three months ago!

Family dinners

Reading to colleagues children at the family dinner

Bikes for our Nigerian colleagues!

Lunch with staff at the office

Mom sharing her experiences of parenting as discipleship

Dad and Zach's first group of riders. So exciting!

Coming back from a ride around the neighborhood.
Please pray for Kirsti and Naomi as they have fun with the kids of our colleagues tomorrow during a kids drama afternoon. Pray for the last group of bikers come, and for the love feast held on Sunday as our final official time of fellowship with our Nigerian colleagues and Team Zobo.  May each of these events express God's love for these brothers and sisters and their children.  May they feel affirmed and encouraged in their calling.  May we all connect well and better understand how we all fit into the body perfectly.  May we have much joy in our Father.  Thank you for praying alongside us!

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