Friday, June 7, 2019

Safe travels

We often ask you to pray for a safe journey.  Our recent trip to explore telling Bible stories was no exception.  Thank you for praying with us!  We traveled and returned safely.

One of the ways God answered our prayers was through a strong vehicle that easily drove through sandy streambeds.  This wasn't our original plan, but it sure made the trip easier!
 We decided not to ford this river, but took the ferry instead!  By the way, while we were in one village Mariama knocked a tooth loose (before its time!).  Thank God! With no internet access and not knowing which tree to stand under to make a call, Christy pushed it back in.  The people we were with rubbed salt water on it.  The next day we were able to see a dentist and the tooth was fine! (And when we checked online we had done exactly what is advised in such a situation!)
Living in Nigeria, we don't take travel for granted.  We pray and carefully consider each trip we take. There are many unusual risks and dangerous roads so please continue to pray for us and our colleagues as we prayerfully consider each trip.

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