Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Answered Prayer - Sweet Fellowship

As Zach walked across the back yard of the Nigerian missionary compound, an older woman stopped him and said, “Thank you for coming.  We didn’t know there were other people following Jesus in other countries!”  In this remote village, there is a new body of Jesus followers.  They have chosen to follow Jesus even though they don’t know that there is a movement all around the world, a global family they are part of. 

The Nigerian missionaries in this village area are humbly and passionately carrying out the call they have on their lives.  Listening to them reflect on Scripture at morning devotions, joining them in their Friday fasting and prayers, playing football, and watching them love those they are called to serve spurred me on.  I cannot count the number of times an old man, or a wrinkled toothless old woman carrying a load on her head would walk by, giving the regular greeting, and one of the missionaries would stop what they were doing, going down to their knees to respectfully return the greeting.

“I could sit with her ALL day!” Bridget made this remark after a conversation with one of the missionary wives.  I sometimes have wondered how the Acts church worshiped together every day and had everything in common, but being with these remarkable individuals I saw how sweet that must have been.

Retelling a story in pairs.

Crossing the big river!

We debriefed at the bottom of this big falls while the girls swam.

We not only had fellowship with these new believers, but I, Christy, found Bridget, who traveled with us, to be a kindred spirit.  She loved me and our children so well, laughing at our corny jokes, playing pretend with Mariama, and holding Lydia when she needed a cuddle.  So much of what I think about during a day stays in my heart, but Bridget was present and happy to hear those thoughts.  Oh, and the joy we felt as we swam in a river near a roaring waterfall and Bridget said she feels God wants her in Nigeria.  We so look forward to having her come back to us.  In the words of Mariama, “Mommy, but Aunty Bridget is part of our family.  When she leaves she won’t be in our family anymore!  We will miss her!”  “Yes,” I explained, as I know I will have to do many times as the years roll by, “But just because someone is far away, doesn’t mean they leave our family!  We will always be family!”  “Oh,ok,” she said understandingly, “but can I go with her? We can all go with her!”
"Let's pretend..." Mariama

Bridget with the Bishop and Mariama
From an inspiring conversation with an Anglican bishop to hearing the testimonies of translators and how their experience of following Jesus in the midst of persecution, this prayer of sweet fellowship was answered in waves upon waves by our good God who sent hospitable brothers and sisters who have run into the faithful arms of Jesus to minister and lift us.  

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  1. We will be praying for the three things and will look forward to seeing you at the wedding in August!
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