Wednesday, April 24, 2019


You prayed  that we would find someone to tell the story in Berom well when we went to the village...Well, God said, "NOPE!"  The guy we found told the story in an extremely boring way, yet you prayed that blank stares would turn into joyful, knowing, bright eyes.  God said, "YEP!" Although the guy translating the stories was boring, that is just what happened!  Children who had been passively listening, were suddenly animatedly answering questions in their language!
You prayed that the evidence would be strong, and Asabe who went from the other organization said, "It was an eye opening experience."  YEAH!

Asabe told the Hausa story beautifully.  Most couldn't answer a comprehension question.

The Pastor excited translated the Scripture verse into Berom for us to sing with the children!

Now, for the margin.  It's 9pm. Zach is modifying the Sunday school materials to make sure that they are ready for the board meeting for this organization on Friday.  He is removing all margin from the curriculum documents to make them as inexpensive to print as possible. As we talked about our evening plans at dinner, it seemed ironic that this was the work into the night...removing margin and reducing font size.

So Thankful for the trip to this Berom village, for answered prayers, and clear evidence!
Pray for the board meeting Friday.  For vision, excitement about engaging children, and unity.
Pray  that we will not remove the margin from our lives, but learn to maintain balance.
Pray that Zach will finish this document so we can print it tomorrow for Asabe.

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