Wednesday, April 10, 2019


I was a runner.  A sprinter. A long jumper in high school and college.
My husband and I joke about how my life reveals years of running fast, and hard, then clutching burning muscles at the end of the race.  I marvel at how the quick run up to the line and then the big thrust to lift my body off the ground and get as far as I could out of that one big push is still reflected in my life!

From the time my older brother and I on the hay wagon outside the barn raced my sister inside the barn stacking the hay bales that dropped from the roof, I have a timer in my head that says "hustle!"  It has kept me going when I was tired but the finish line of a project is in view, and kept me focused when so many options tugged at my heart.  But these days, I wish my mind would make a switch.  I wish I had a little more of that distance runner in me.  You can pray that for me.

In the mean time, as I learn how to go the distance in order to be more fruitful, here's what the hustle over these last few weeks has looked like!
Working with two language helpers and new field staff (6, including children) to get them going learning Hausa!

Presenting shoes after the sports camp Carol and Adams lead

Going to get shoes with girls who still needed shoes after Carol left!

Arranging a sleepover

Hosting the sports camp on our compound

Enjoying the Aunties visit!

Helping direct the 24 children doing two plays in a local outdoor theatre.

Empowering 40 girls with Scripture and wisdom that will help them guard their hearts and bodies.

Providing the necessary drinks and foods for my family!

Organizing and MCing a cultural day at our church with my husband and our pastor.
 Loving and delighting in these beauties. Daso is on break, so we are doing fun lessons to teach extra fun things!

Keeping up with this cutie!

Discipling children with a GREAT team of teachers at our Thursday Bible study for kids!
This week I'm working with a curriculum to prepare it for an organization that will be using it next year!  What a big job it is! 

On Friday the DD kids (Dance and Drama kids) from the Orange Hat will be presenting their dramas at two local schools!

Friday we will be doing a mini training and Scripture sharing at a local theological college (where I taught last week on two different topics before rushing to staff conference Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.)

Thank you for praying for us in the hustle and please pray that we'll continue to seek God and hear him clearly for direction. 

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