Friday, February 15, 2019

Seven Years and Elections!

Today we celebrate seven years of choosing engagement!  Seven years ago Zach came to Cameroon to ask my family for my hand in marriage.  He carried with him his "Cameroonian family", as well as plantains, frozen fish, palm oil, and other gifts on the list he'd been given.  My Cameroonian family was quite easy on him, and my American father is still waiting his share of the bride price (a couple hundred cows or so, he's not big on plantains).  Well, I'm glad I said yes then, and I'm glad we continue to say "yes" on this journey together. 

A couple months later, I came to Nigeria, where I met a new system of doing market, making friends, and living as an "amariya" (a bride), which I continued to be until I had my first child.  With the birth of Mariama, I became "Uwargida" (the mother of the house). 

So today, as the mother of my house, we have prepared ourselves for elections here in Nigeria tomorrow.  We have a few extra groceries in the house, and are praying for peace.   

We love each other, after seven years of saying "yes" on this journey together, and we love Nigeria, having been here for the last six years helping others say "yes" in their journey with God. 

Please join us for praying for peace in this country during the presidential elections tomorrow, the 16th of February.  Pray that God will guide the process, and and his wisdom
for all those going to the poles to vote.
Our engagement picture 7 years ago.


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